Creek Audio Sequel 54mk 2 (phono stage module for moving coil)

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The Sequel 54 mk2 MC Phono pre-amp is the device specifically suited for medium output Moving Coil cartridges, with an output between 0.5 to 1mV and a matching impedance of <120 Ohms.

The Sequel 54mk2 is not suitable for high output MC cartridges, which require lower gain and a higher input impedance.

The Sequel mk2 has two gain stages using low-noise op-amps. RIAA correction is performed both active and passively. The first gain stage matches the MC cartridge’s <120 Ohms impedance and adds gain, without changing the frequency response.

The first stage of RIAA de-emphasis is performed passively between the two gain stages. The mk2 circuit uses a low impedance filter circuit for improved noise performance.

The second gain stage boosts the level further and uses active filtering in its feedback for the RIAA de-emphasis, For improved RIAA accuracy and improved sonic quality, the Sequel mk2 is made with E96 1 % tolerance metal film resistors and 1% tolerance polypropylene WIMA capacitors.

To eliminate coupling capacitors that can negatively affect the sound, a DC servo circuit is used to block DC from input to output and roll-off low frequencies sensibly below 10Hz. There is no rumble filter in this design.

The Sequel mk2 is powered by a dedicated voltage from the integrated amplifier, via its PCB connection pins. Locally, it uses a low noise voltage regulators, whose function is to stabilise the voltage and filter noise from the main power supply. The Sequel mk2 has optimal overload margin for a given gain.


  • Gain x500 (54dB)
  • Frequency Response
    10 Hz to 20 kHz +/- 0.5 dB
  • Signal to Noise Ratio – 73 dB
  • Total Harmonic Distortion MC < 0.03%
  • R1AA deviation +/- 0.5%
  • Output level 400 mV from 0.8mV input
  • Input Sensitivity / Impedance/ Capacitance – 0.8mV / 120 Ohm / 1000 pF
  • Overload Margin MM 22 dB
  • Suitable for medium output cartridges in the range of 0.5mV – 1mV output

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