Linn Akudorik Exakt System (Katalyst)

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The Akudorik Exakt System uses the same Exakt technology used in our flagship Klimax Exakt System, putting the source in the speaker. Exakt builds on Linn DS to radically improve the performance of music systems by pushing the lossless digital path all the way to the speaker.

Now featuring Linn's ground breaking Katalyst DAC architecture

Keeping the signal digital, and only converting to analogue at the last possible stage, removes the sources of noise and distortion associated with traditional HiFi systems, which means the music you hear is a far more faithful reproduction of the original recording.

Comprising the Akurate System Hub digital music player and Exakt Akudorik speakers, the Akurate Exakt system’s beautiful styling and exceptional sound quality will re-ignite your passion for music.

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