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The Linn Custom 2K range is a versatile loudspeaker solution for custom installations where exceptional sound quality and a discreet appearance are required.

Note: These speakers are fully enclosed with their own cabinet which reduces sound leakage and gives much better control.

These are a great option for Home Cinema speakers using 3 x 106Cs in the front and either 104s or 106s for the surrounds.

All variants feature Linn's proprietary 2K driver array technology, derived from Linn's reference loudspeakers. The 2K driver array houses both tweeter and super-tweeter in an alloy chassis isolated from the rest of the loudspeaker and provides an incredibly pure and clean high frequency sound reproduction. The 2K driver array also creates a very wide dispersion of high-frequency signals to fill the room will high quality sound no matter where the loudspeaker is installed.

The Linn Custom 2K range comprises three product variants:

  • 106C A 3-way rectangular in-wall or in-ceiling loudspeaker (picture 1)
  • 104C-R A 3-way round in-wall/ceiling loudspeaker (picture 2 - without grille, showing 2K array)
  • 104C-S A 3-way square in-wall/ceiling loudspeaker (picture 3)

The 106C can be used in a vertical or horizontal orientation, rotating the 2K driver array through 90 degrees to maximise performance.

Linn Custom 2K range loudspeakers provide exceptional performance when installed in-wall or in-ceiling and can be used as part of a custom surround system for home theatre. The Linn Custom 2K range acoustically complements Linn's Komponent loudspeaker system, incorporating the same 2K driver array, and so can be mixed in installations where space is limited.

In addition to domestic applications, the products are also suitable for indoor areas of marine installations and commercial applications, such as restaurants, bars, retail outlets and hotel rooms. Paintable grilles mean Linn Custom 2K loudspeakers blend with any decor and, with effective resistance to all but the most extreme levels of moisture, heat and humidity are ideal for use in kitchens and bathrooms.

The performance of Linn Custom 2K loudspeakers can be further enhanced by tri-amping or upgrading to Aktiv configuration. The latter involves dedicating a three-channel power amplifier with internal Linn Aktiv crossover cards, to each Linn Custom 2K loudspeaker to hear it at its best.

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