Linn Exakt Akubarik Floor Standing Speakers (Katalyst)

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Exakt Akubarik speakers combine our integrated Aktiv technology developed for Akubarik speakers with Exakt technology to put the source in the speaker.

Now featuring Linn's groundbreaking Katalyst DAC architecture.

The five channels in each speaker are fed by a single digital input using the Exakt Link output from Akurate Exakt DSM. The on-board digital crossover in each speaker delivers an independently controlled signal to each of the drive units, via independent volume controls, DACs and power amplifiers.

Exakt technology eliminates magnitude and phase distortion, corrects for drive unit variation, and optimises your speakers for your room.

Exakt Akubarik uses an Isobarik bass system, consisting of two bass drive units housed in the base of a beautifully curved and compact cabinet, letting you enjoy a depth of bass normally associated with much larger speakers. High and mid frequencies are served with stunning precision by Linn’s unique 3K driver array, also found in our Klimax speakers.

Available in a range of stunning finishes, Akubarik fits perfectly in every living space.

  • Intelligent, integrated Aktiv, 5-way digital loudspeakers
  • Supports Space Optimisation Plus
  • Connects to Akurate Exakt DSM via Exakt Link
  • Can be daisy-chained to additional Exakt speakers
  • Digital crossovers eliminate phase and magnitude distortion
  • On-board Exakt Engine corrects for drive unit variation, guaranteeing perfect performance from every speaker
  • Exakt Engine is programmable by Linn Specialists to optimise performance for the room and speaker location
  • Independent digital volume control, digital to analogue converter and power amplifier for every channel (five per speaker)
  • Linn-designed 3K Driver Array serves the mid to high frequencies, for wider dispersion, precise high frequency response and single-point source accuracy
  • Isobarik bass system for rich, deep bass from a compact cabinet
  • High-performance integrated Chakra power amplification with Linn Dynamik power supplies
  • Advanced steam-pressed natural laminate cabinets provide an exceptionally rigid construction with ultra-low resonance properties
  • Internal bracing creates an acoustically inert enclosure with very stable mounting for the drive units
  • Plasma-cut 'armour-grade' steel plate loudspeaker stand provides rock-solid stability
  • Standard and high gloss real wood veneers or choose from over 200 bespoke colour finishes
  • Standard finishes $53,000
  • Custom Hi-Gloss finishes $57,400

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