Linn Majik 140 Music System

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Majik 140 System.

Full-blooded floorstanding speakers and the incredible versatility of the Linn Majik DSM network music player with built-in amplification—it's a killer combination. You will fall in love with the music you thought you knew well, all over again.

With the Majik system you can stream your online music from Tidal, enjoy your ripped CD collection , listen to Internet radio, or connect your TV for YouTube music, movies and TV programs. Access to all your music in stunning sound quality.

Like all Linn’s hi-fi systems, Space Optimisation is built in, so you'll hear a performance personalised for you and your room's unique characteristics.

Stream almost everything, connect anything, with the Linn DSM player you have inputs for all your other sources. The Majik DSM has it all covered.

Tidal Tidal High Definition streaming service

Listen to your ripped CDs via optional QNAP NAS

The Hifi Store YouTube Channel YouTube Music & Videos via Smart TV

Tune In Local and worldwide radio via Tunein Radio

Movies and TV shows via Smart TV

Sondek LP12 Turntable Play your Vinyl Records with optional Turntable

Songcast Play directly from your computer via Linn Songcast PC and Mac App

Control your system with your iPhone, iPad, Android device, Mac computer, PC or Linn Remote.

Majik 140 Speakers

It may be our entry-level floorstander but it has decades of class-leading speaker design behind it, all focused on getting you closer to the music.

Few other speakers at this level can boast Majik 140's credentials. The four drive units on each speaker supply power and precision in the bass and midrange, together with incredible clarity and smooth, even dispersion at high frequencies. All this technology means that no matter what you listen to, Majik 140 will serve it up with an effortless enthusiasm.

  • 2K Driver Array houses the two high frequency drive units
  • High quality separate bass and mid drive units
  • High quality custom-designed passive crossovers
  • Simple upgrade path from single to multi-wiring/amping to fully Aktiv configuration in Exakt system
  • Bass reflex port with rifled design for extended bass
  • Solid aluminium upgrade stands available
  • Standard and high gloss real wood veneer or bespoke colour finishes
  • H 975mm x W 250mm x D 335mm Weight 21.3kg

Majik DSM

Stream all your online music, plug in your turntable, listen to Internet radio, or connect your TV. Whatever you're listening to, Majik DSM gives you access to it all in one place, and all in stunning sound quality.

Like all Linn's network music players, it has Space Optimisation built in, so you'll hear a performance personalised for you and your room's unique characteristics.

Stream everything, connect anything A Linn DSM player with all the connectivity to handle anything you throw at it, wired or wirelessly. An all-in-one network music player, with built-in pre-amp and power amps, Majik DSM has it all covered.

Space Optimisation Space Optimisation

Power Amp Tech Powered by Dynamik

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