Linn Majik LP12, Cherry finish. NEW STOCK 2022

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Linn Majik LP12 in Cherry

Discover your favourites anew..

Available in high quality Cherry wood finish.

After 50 years, this amazing product is still considered reference to all others. It is a classic, a turntable that will keep its value for years to come.
Experience the legendary LP12 in its most affordable guise – powered by carefully curated Linn-engineered components.

Majik LP12 includes our sandwich-construction aluminium sub-chassis, patented single point Karousel bearing, internally mounted low noise power supply, and low-friction Krane tonearm.

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Technical Specifications
Majik LP12 comprises:
Sondek LP12 with Karousel bearing
Majik aluminium sub-chassis
Laminated armboard
Internal Majik LP12 power supply
Solid Base aluminium base board
Krane aluminium and stainless steel tonearm with low friction & rotational mass bearing design
Adikt moving magnet (MM) or Koil moving coil (MC) cartridge
45 rpm adaptor
Plinth Options
Style Standard or fluted
Standard Finishes Oak, Cherry, Black Ash, Rosenut, Walnut
Special Finishes Piano Black, High Gloss White or match any colour of your choice (high gloss)
Speed 33⅓ rpm single speed motor (45 rpm supported using included adaptor)
Motor Type 110V Synchronous AC motor

Width 445 mm
Height 140 mm
Depth 356 mm

Expert reviews:

Stereonet 2021 Applause Award – No excuses need to be made; it just makes your prized LPs sound great.
What HIFI? 2009 5* The Majik LP12 package is great value and brings LP12 ownership to a wider audience without any major compromise

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