Linn Uphorik Phono Stage

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Uphorik represents a powerful breakthrough in stand-alone phono stage design. Offering separate dedicated inputs and circuits for MM (Moving Magnet) and MC (Moving Coil) cartridges, U U phorik delivers optimal audio performance for every turntable configuration.
Customise load and gain settings for your cartridge to ensure you're getting the very best in audio performance. Adjustment switches are located externally for quick and easy access, and are positioned as close to the input stage as possible to shorten the signal path and minimise noise pickup. Your Linn retailer can hard-solder these switches in order to bypass the contacts for optimal performance.
Incorporating technology first developed for Urika (our reference internal phono stage), Uphorik features dual mono channel separation with dedicated left and right circuits and internal shielding, which minimises potential crosstalk to deliver clean, pure sound.
Choose between balanced or unbalanced (single-ended) outputs, and single-ended (RCA ) or XLR for input. F F or best performance, a new XLR T LR T -Kable with superior shielding properties will be available separately.
Updated with our new silver or black Linn chassis, Uphorik now also features L L inn's latest Dynamik Switch Mode Power Supply (SMPS) technology to minimise noise levels even further and optimise audio performance where you need it most.
Uphorik unites four decades of development, expertise and dedication to analogue playback with our very latest advances in turntable and amplification technology to produce a truly universal phono stage.
Our best ever stand-alone phono stage, the high performance and flexibility ensures that U U phorik perfectly matches your system requirements both now and in the future.

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