Q Acoustics Qi65CB In-Ceiling Background Speaker Round Grille

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A quality in-ceiling speaker on a budget, the Q Acoustics Qi65CB is a fantastic value option! Minimilistic in everyway. Utilizing their years of experience, Q Acoustics have put their engineering prowess into creating a compact yet powerful unit. With a depth of less than 73mm and a slim bezel and grille design that clips magnetically into place, you can be assured that the Qi65CB will compliment your room in a discreet manner.POWER COMBINED WITH EFFICIENCY Q Acoustics have a strong pedigree in producing award winning speakers and the Qi65CB inherits the benefit of this experience. The Qi65CB boasts a carefully designed full range 6.5" polypropylene driver that delivers a deep, taut bass response, detailed mid-range and extended highs, to ensure an expansive and detailed sound stage. This design choice has the added benefit of being more efficient than traditional designs relying on crossovers,thus increasing its compatibility with partnering amplifiers and requiring less power to perform at higher volumes.PACKAGED FOR INSTALLS Designed as an option for full home installs, the Q Acoustics Qi65CB is sold in packs of 10, perfect for upgrading your entire home and bringing music into every room. To make installation easy the Qi65CB comes with a template. Should you wish to paint the speakers to match your decor the Qi65CB also comes with protective dust covers and cloth backed grilles. The Qi65CB is also moisture proof and built utilizing 'UL94' flame retardant materials in their construction.Let the Q Acoustics Qi65CB help you fill your home with music, all on a budget!

Magnetically Shielded Are they magnetically shielded? Allows speaker to be placed near a TV without the risk of screen damage No
Sensitivity (dB) The higher the figure the easier it is to drive - meaning that a less powerful amp may be used 93
Impedance (ohms) Resistance. A standard figure is 8 ohm. Figure halves when doubling the number of speakers 8
Power Rating (Watts) Maximum power output long term/short term (RMS) 50
Depth Depth of speaker (mm) 73
Diameter Diameter of speaker inc surround (mm) 232
Cut out Cut out required for speaker in wall/ceiling (mm) 203
Ceiling Speaker Suitable for use in ceiling? Yes
Wall Speaker Suitable for use in wall? No
Black Does this speaker come in a black finish? No
Wood Does this speaker come in a wood finish? No
Other Colours Does the speaker have another coloured finish? Yes
Outdoor Speaker Suitable for outdoor use? Please note that speakers will have differing levels of weather protection No

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