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We love music here at The HIFI Store. Amelia our new Administrative assistant in the showroom keeps us up to date with th elatest musicians and artists. Among those we dont mind listening to is Harry Styles.

If you are yet to have a listen to Harry styles Live lets just add this, Dean approves..

2022 Album of the year: Harry Styles - Harry's House. Back in 2017, Harry Styles attempted to rebrand his image from teen heart-throb to 1970s rock star, although many would argue he still leans heavily towards the former.

Listen to Styles live with our linked Tiny desk or optionally play through your Tidal or QoBuz. The Grammy-winning song, "Fine Line", It is an all warm 80s groove...

Harry’s House and Fine Line, Styles is the first artist with multiple albums that have each spun off two season-closing top 10 singles on the Songs of the Summer chart.

As for the top titles this summer in each of the Hot 100’s, and the Songs of the Summer chart’s, three metrics, Lizzo’s “About Damn Time” was the most-heard on radio (1.1 billion audience impressions, according to Luminate, as reflected on charts dated June 11 through Sept. 10).

Stay up to date with the latest in Music News..


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